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Inkjet Adhesion Tool

Ink-Substrate interaction is a key point for successful printing and good adhesion. By analysing the ink and surface properties, our software provides you all relevant information at a glance. This includes short- and long-term adhesion, water resistance, contact angle and wettability. Moreover, a graphical representation will help you to select the appropriate combination of ink-substrate or choose the most suitable surface treatment.

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We can develop custom software according to your application

You need a specific software related to inkjet printing, we can customise or create applications at your wishes. Do not hesitate to contact us. We will propose you a solution.


We can customize our actual product according to your needs.

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We can develop new application corresponding to your requirements.

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We are two engineers working in inkjet printing for several years. We met in the iPrint institute in Fribourg, Switzerland. Starting from the observation that some necessary tools did not exist on the market, we have developed several software to facilitate the understanding of problems concerning inkjet printing.

Florian Bourguet


Bertrand Limat


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