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Inkjet Adhesion Tool

Ink-Substrate interaction is a key point for successful printing and good adhesion. By analysing the ink and surface properties, our software provides you all relevant information at a glance. This includes short- and long-term adhesion, water resistance, contact angle and wettability. Moreover, a graphical representation will help you to select the appropriate combination of ink-substrate or choose the most suitable surface treatment.


You can create multiple database with different kind of inks. You can also add materials/substrates with different surface treatment or coating.

Adhesion analysis

The adhesion analysis show you directly the energy of adhesion, the interfacial tension, spreading coefficient and water resistance of one ink in function of the surface energy of the potential substrate. It is possible to show directly on the graphs the substrates of your database.

Wetting Envelope

The wetting envelope shows you the surface tension of a potential ink to have a specific contact angle on the substrate of your database. It is also possible to show the inks of your database.